About us

We bring the arts, culture, and stories to life.

We create a space for people to be heard.

We explore the road less traveled

Collective Mission

Dabble Dabble Jer Collective features original voices that question the norm, diving deep into the hidden, neglected, and forgotten aspects of society and community. We devise and produce innovative, progressive, and radical productions and performances to contribute to the contemporary arts landscape in Penang and wider Malaysia.

Artistic Vision

We are especially interested in exploring themes of identity, heritage, and sociocultural constructs with artists, musicians, performers, dancers, and creatives, regardless of background or creed. 

From devising to producing, we aim to explore various perspectives and reimagine them through immersive media storytelling, art installations, theatrical performances, and more.

We believe that ART has the power to challenge and bring change, enriching the lives of all those who engage with it.

Our cornerstone is built on the following values

Want to dabble with us? Drop us an email at dabbledabblejer.co@gmail.com and let's start talking!