We bring stories to life.

Dabble Dabble Jer Collective celebrates the power of storytelling and creates pieces that explore narratives, push boundaries and interrogate our ever-evolving environs. We encourage collaborative and experimental works across disciplines and frameworks. 

About Us

The Dabblers

Our story begins with a shared dream among six friends rooted in varied skills and experiences in the arts with the common goal of contributing to the local arts scene. In December 2022, we founded Dabble Dabble Jer Collective - an arts collective based in Penang, Malaysia.



What does Dabble Dabble Jer Collective do? 

Everything! Okay okay, not everything lah, but we are capable of doing lots of things related to arts, culture, and heritage. If you're someone who's passionate about individual and collective stories, we'll definitely vibe. 

How do we work with you?

We're all about building bridges and creating community. If you have a project in mind, give us a buzz and let's start dabbling!

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